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Wellbeing and Psychic Fair

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Saturday 19th May - 11am – 6pm & Sunday 20th May 10am – 4pm!

Door Entry $5.00

Children under 12 free

· Psychic Readings

· Speakers

· Interactive workshops

· Healings

· Unique Stalls

· jewelry & clothing

· face painting


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  • Time: 11.00am
  • Abbreviated Date for Homepage: May 19 - May 20
  • Date: Saturday, 19 May 2018
  • Price: $5.00

Blood, Sweat and Beers


Australian ROCK royals bring you Blood Sweat & Beers – The Concert, an electric four-part show, blistering over 2.5 hours. The concert opens with 'Marseille, The Angels with Jim Hilbun on vocals
and bass, then Angry hits the stage for an explosive Rose Tattoo assault on the senses. A short break heads into Grant Walmsley on vocals and rhythm guitar with all the smash hits of the Screaming Jets including 'Better' written by Grant and released in 1991. The show closes with Angry returning to the stage for a blistering set of AC/DC classics from the Bon Scott era with Mark Evans on bass.

This concert is the real deal with current and former members of AC/DC (Mark Evans), The Angels (Jim Hilbun), Rose Tattoo (Angry Anderson/Dai Pritchard), Screaming Jets (Grant Walmsley) and
Greg Aldridge on drums. This assault features the cream of rock n roll outfits and covers the four corners of Australian rock. These industry legends have performed to millions of people, had dozens of hit singles in the ARIA charts, sold millions of albums & been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

The book, BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS – OZ ROCK FROM THE AZTECS TO ROSE TATTOO begins in the late 1960s when Lobby Loyde was blowing up amplifiers on such a regular basis that equipment had to be specially constructed. King of the Sunbury festivals, and former child star, Billy Thorpe then took massive amplification to another level, making history along the way when his band, the Aztecs, pulled as many as 300,000 people to the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. Rose Tattoo somehow cranked everything up even higher and became the loudest, most threatening band to ever stalk the earth. Banned from the TV show Countdown, they often played in prisons, and occasionally had to fight, microphone stands in hand, to get out of the very venues they'd
performed in. Then, of course, there were the Angels, Australia's number-one live drawcard, who turned venues across the country into jam-packed paramilitary rallies. Against a backdrop of
interviews with all the major Australian players and international heavyweights, one of Australia's best known rock writers, Murray Engleheart hands out the earplugs and the morning-after aspirin
with BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS, a literally balls and all tour through the bar-brawling, riot-inducing and occasionally gun-toting Oz rock culture that The Monthly crowned as having 'the highest
expletive count in the history of non-fiction'.

"What an honour. Firstly writing Blood Sweat and Beers, the everything louder than everything else history of Oz rock. Then having that title adopted by a legendary bunch of blokes for a national tour that will see them blast out some of the greatest rock n roll ever made. Scripts don't come no better than that." - Murray Engleheart 

ANGRY Anderson The unmistakable Rose Tattoo front man Angry Anderson has slayed audiences and bled on stages across the globe for over 40 years. Blessed with the voice of a working  mans' Rod Stewart, he is the other great throat in the history of Oz Rock next to that of the iconic Bon Scott. On 16 August 2006, Rose Tattoo were inducted into the (ARIA) Hall of Fame. Angry is also known across Australia for his charity work, journalism and political talents. Dai Pritchard brings an incredible arsenal of technical expertise, an expertise broad enough to allow him to slot in easily behind anyone that needs a slice of his power, versatility and finesse.  Pritchard the guitarist of choice by some pretty big – and diverse – names, among them Jimmy Barnes, Glen Shorrock of LRB, Doug Parkinson and even Olivia Newton-John and the late, great Billy Thorpe. Stints with Nancy, Kiel Band, Chris Thomas, Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes. In July 2005, Pritchard became a full-time member of Rose Tattoo, proudly blazing his own chops into their musical legacy on their latest album, Blood Brothers. Jim Hilbun, another great live showman, spent an impressive 18 years touring and recording with The Angels. The versatile US born bass player who joined for an American 'Angel City' tour in 1982, and ended up moving to Sydney. He also handles a mean sax and loves to sing during his time with The Angels they recorded the albums 'Live Line', 'Howling' and Beyond Salvation, which went on to sell at double platinum status and became the first number one album for 'The Angels' in Australia. "I'm proud of my contribution to The Angels. To me, music hasn't ever been about competition or politics it's about sharing a joyous experience with the players and the listeners... That, the chicks love, and making a quid hopefully". - Jim Hilbun

Bass Guitarist Mark Evans, who was an early member of hard rock band AC/DC on their albums T.N.T., High Voltage, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock and '74 Jailbreak. Evans has played for numerous other groups, sometimes on lead guitar, including Finch (aka Contraband), Cheetah, Swanee, Heaven & The Party Boys. Evans' autobiography, Dirty Deeds: My Life
Inside/Outside of AC/DC was released in December 2011.

Grant Walmsley / aka GW Freebird is the founder and songwriter/guitarist of the legendary Screaming Jets. His song 'Better' has become a certified classic and Aussie rock anthem nominated by ARIA as the highest selling single of the year and awarded gold status from the platinum selling album 'All or One'. Grant has spent years touring the world, sharing the stage with a 'who's who' of legends including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Velvet Revolver, Kiss and many others, whilst amassing a swag of gold and platinum awards for album sales. A quintessential guitar hero of
his generation, his playing and writing has become part of the fabric of Australian rock history. 

Melbourne rocker, Greg Aldridge has toured, recorded with and supported major bands such as Mick Fleetwood, George Thorogood, Billy Thorpe, Edgar Winter, James Reyne, The Angels, Jimmy
Barnes, Johnny Diesel, Skyhooks, The Choirboys, Rose Tattoo and The Divinyls, Spy V Spy. Greg also played in the Wrokdown band which showcased songs from the 60's and 70's playing with the original recording artist's including Jim Keays, Mick Pealing, Ronnie Charles from The Groop, Barry Smith from The Town Criers, Bobbie Bright, Robin Jolly, Neale Johns of Black Feather, Marcie Jones and Jeff Phillips among others.


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  • Time: 7.00pm
  • Abbreviated Date for Homepage: Jul 27
  • Date: Friday, 27 July 2018
  • Price: $35 per ticket

All Access 80's






ALL ACCESS 80s is your very own VIP pass to the ultimate 80s rock experience.

The biggest hair, the tightest pants, the wildest party outside the sunset strip.

From hard hitting rock to power ballads, all your 80s hair rock favourites in one kick-ass show.

If you love the classic 80s rock bands, from Bon Jovi, Poison and Def Leppardthrough to Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses and Journey (and many more), boy do we have the show for you!

The All Access 80s boys have the looks, the moves and the attitude to match, without the substance abuse.



Rock out with your best air guitar moves, come dressed to the nines in your best 80s garb and strap yourself in for one wild night of 80s mayhem!

Check them out at All Access 80s


Only $15 for Guests and $10 for Members!

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  • Time: 8.00pm
  • Abbreviated Date for Homepage: Jun 2
  • Date: Saturday, 02 June 2018
  • Price: $15 per ticket